Menopause: facial, Hand & foot reflexology treatment

A unique, combined treatment specially tailored to support clients through their peri-menopause, menopause, post menopause and medical menopause journey.

This wonderful treatment is available to book as one-off treatments or as a 6 week treatment package.

Common symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, irregular periods with heavy bleeding, brain fog, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, disturbed sleep and bladder problems can feel debilitating and lead to feelings of low self-esteem and inadequacy.

Through this combined treatment we are aiming to balance all of the zones through the body, literally from head to toe! Clients will benefit from help and advice in terms of diet & nutrition, exercise, skincare, sleep, ageing well, and finding yourself and your sparkle again. All tailored to your individual needs. With the rejuvenating qualities of the facial treatment it is also likely that, over a course of treatments, you will look and feel differently about yourself!

Reflexology Can Support You Through Your Menopause Journey

Reflexology is known to aid relaxation, release tension, and improve sleep leading to improved mood, lower stress levels and a greater sense of wellbeing. Many symptoms of peri-menopause & menopause are made worse by increased stress levels. Therefore, reducing stress levels with reflexology treatments can lead to clients feeling better able to cope with their menopausal symptoms and symptoms indirectly improving due to lowered stress levels.

Common Menopause Symptoms can include:

Anxiety & Depression

Stress & Overwhelm

Brain Fog

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Mood swings


Irregular periods with heavy bleeding

Bladder problems

Weight Gain

Hair Loss

Muscular & Skeletal aches & pains

Insomnia & Sleep issues

Reflexology can promote feelings of:




Reduced Stress & Anxiety

Physical & Emotional Balance

Better Digestive, Immune & Lymphatic function

Reduced Aches & Pains

Improved Sleep

Improved Circulation

Feeling supported & empowered

Greater sense of wellbeing

What To Expect at Your Menopause: Facial, Hand & Foot Treatment

The first appointment lasts up to 2 hours which includes a 30 minute wellbeing consultation and 90 minute treatment time. You will have the opportunity to talk about how your symptoms are affecting you, what is bothering you most, we'll also discuss your current lifestyle and your desired outcomes from the treatment.

We will start with the facial reflexology treatment, using Zone Face Lift products to cleanse your face and hot towels to add that bit of luxury and to relax your facial muscles.

A gorgeous facial oil or elixir will be applied to your face with soothing massage techniques. Each of the facial reflexology points used within the treatment are specially designed to help to balance the body's hormone and nervous systems, and to relax and calm. The facial element of the treatment lasts approximately 40 minutes.

We will then move on to the hand treatment which feels incredibly comforting (approx 10 mins on each hand), before moving onto the feet where hot towels will be used to cleanse followed by a menopause balm being applied. Again, each reflex has been chosen to specifically help rebalance the body and mind with the intention of easing your symptoms and increasing your sense of wellbeing. The foot reflexology last approximately 30 minutes.

The overall treatment feels incredibly relaxing and luxurious, leaving you feeling relaxed and balanced from head to toe.

Our experience of symptoms is often made worse by increased stress levels so by inducing relaxation, working on specific reflex points to balance and bring harmony, we can have a profound effect on how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally.

Menopause Treatment Options

Individual Treatments

120 mins - New Client appointment - Includes full wellbeing consultation followed by the 90 minute Facial Hand & Foot treatment.


90 Mins- New Client Appointment - Includes full wellbeing consultation followed by 60 minute treatment, which can be face or foot reflexology or a combination of the two.


Follow-on Treatments:

90 mins - Menopause Facial Hand & Foot Treatment


60 Mins - Menopause Treatment - Foot OR Facial treatment £45.00 or combined treatment £50.00

The effects of reflexology treatments are cumulative, with changes often being noticed after 6 weekly treatments. The benefits are usually increased with regular continued treatments.

Treatment Packages

A treatment package is designed to give you the best possible results and support you with your menopause journey. Treatment plans are bespoke and customised each week to best serve you and to address the areas that are of most concern to you.

The Menopause Package

6 x weekly 90 minute Menopause: Facial, Hand & Foot Treatments £420.00

Includes a full wellbeing consultation if you have not already undertaken one (first appt would be 120 mins)

To achieve the best possible results, clients will be guided with techniques to use at home in between treatments, as well as any recommended lifestyle changes to improve wellbeing. This may include suggestions such as, drinking more water, reviewing current skincare products for toxicity, change in diet or exercise habits, all with the aim of supporting you to make positive changes to achieve your desired outcome.

If you would like to book a treatment package, please email me so that we can agree treatment dates and times in advance of payment being arranged.

Client Reviews

Menopause: Facial, Hand & Foot treatment

“Sam was so friendly, warm and informative. This was my first reflexology treatment but will return again. I was completely relaxed during the treatment and this continued for the rest of the day and following day as well. The products Sam used were not heavy and did not irritate my skin. I would highly recommend Sam if you are looking for a reflexology treatment.”

SA - June 2023

Client Aftercare Information

  • Drink plenty of water in the next 24 hours to aid the detoxifying process
  • Avoid make-up if possible to let the skin breathe for an hour after treatment
  • Rest as much as possible after treatment to help the body heal itself
  • Avoid stimulants over the next 24 hours such as tea, coffee and alcohol as these may interfere with detoxification. Also avoid eating a heavy meal for at least 1 hour after treatment
  • Be careful if driving as reactions may be slower
  • Some reactions are part of the healing process and a sign your body is eliminating toxins. It is normal for you to feel any of the following: Feeling cold, thirsty, mild headache, feeling emotional, mild tiredness, runny nose, needing to visit the toilet more frequently
  • The effects of Reflexology treatments are cumulative and often the most benefits can be seen after 4-6 sessions.